Opening Night.

23 Jul


Equal rights for gay marriage!

Tunnock’s Teacakes.

Scottie Dogs.


Scottish Pride.

Getting the Queen’s Speech stuck in the torch.

All absolutely spectacular, and it was a joy to watch it with Twitter as a constant companion.

I nearly had a bit of a cry, but I think I sweated out all my spare moisture on the cross trainer earlier.

One Response to “Opening Night.”

  1. Dr.Zaid Hajar. July 24, 2014 at 2:10 am #

    Hello every body, I first wish every participant in Glasgw 2014, a good luck with all athletic games. I second thank the UNICEF UK for the great work that they have done, in order to provide every single child with opportunity to participate in such important sport event. Particularly, those who representing the most poor level, from all the commonwealth countries. I also thank all those hardworking UUK’s members who worked and still working in order to rais fund for UNICEF work which targeted children across the world and for the UK’s children fund raising. However, the world will be changed to the better, if we all work towards developing children education ,health,, skills and abilities in different field,…

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