Nothing Changes.

21 Jul

And just as if the last three years at University never happened, tomorrow I return to working in Boots.

I’m excited to be seeing everyone again, and it’ll be nice to get some money, and actually have a proper job, but I can’t help but wonder if all my pipe dreams and plans were just too ambitious.

If things had gone my way, I would have started a new job in London today, but they didn’t, hence why I’m writing this sat on my bed at home, rather than in a small cupboard in Camden that’s costing me £400 a week.

The mercies are small, and I hope to God that the rewards will be big in the future.

I suppose the best thing is that if I’m back working throughout August, I won’t have enough time to mope around, wailing about the fact I’m not in Edinburgh seeing comedians with my friends, and inevitably won’t get to do so until some time in 2015. Put that in your diaries, pals. I will make time to see you next year. Promise.

So...what do you think?

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