We’ve Been Driving In Our Car.

18 Jul

My god, Scotland is a long way from home.

You look at it on a map, and it seems a few hours away.

You get in the back of a car, and 12 hours feels like the longest journey in the world.

Still, we’re back home now, and I can almost say that I’m back in my own bed. Except I’m not. I’m back on my living room floor because everything I own is piled up in my bedroom after bringing it back from Cheltenham earlier this week.

It wasn’t the worst journey back in the world, to be fair. The views were lovely, the weather was good (if a bit hot), and we managed to get a mention on the radio – no matter how much radio stuff I do, there is still a thrill in having a *proper* presenter on a real radio station reading out your name and message on air. I hope I never lose that excitement either.

I shall now attempt to get some shut eye, but fully expect to be woken up either by a storm at about 3am, or my Mother’s foot in my ribs when she gets up at 7am, and wants me to move so she can open the curtains.


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