Far Too In-tents.

3 Jul

I didn’t paint a shed at all today.

I painted a gate. I painted a gate, and ended up painting my feet, hands, t shirt and face as well. Black all weather high gloss paint is, unsurprisingly, NOT a particularly good look, I soon learnt.

A half hour spent with some white spirit and heavy duty soap just about got rid of the worst of it, though my arm looks like I’ve been prodded repeatedly by a small child, or pawed by a cat.

Today’s fun didn’t stop there though, as I spent a good hour attempting to put up the tent that I’ll be taking to 2000 Trees next week. I got frustrated about 10 minutes into the process, which really does bode well for my fellow campers. I fully expect to throw a guy rope halfway across the field and then stomp off to a portal to have a bit of a cry, hoping that the tent varies will have done their magic by the time I get back.

Still, it’s literally just a bit of fabric to ensure I don’t get rained on/sunburnt whilst I’m trying to sleep, so it doesn’t matter too much, I guess.


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