Story from the Sofa.

29 Jun

After watching a load of Glastonbury coverage tonight (particularly Disclosure’s set), I am TOTALLY STOKED for 2000 Trees in a fortnight’s time.

Watch this excitedness wane when torrential rain hits Gloucestershire the week before the festival and I find myself attempting to pitch my tent on what is essentially a swamp. Still, I unearthed some old boots and my wellingtons, which are back in Cheltenham with my sleeping bag, so I can at least dump those in the bins at the end of the weekend if they get absolutely ruined, and not have to traipse dried mud through our house when we go back on the Sunday.

And that’s about all that’s left back up there, as we moved about 98% of my belongings back to Plymouth this afternoon. I have come to the realisation that I have TOO MUCH STUFF. This therefore means that when I’m not out doing things this week, I’ll be up in my bedroom sorting through everything I’ve collected over the past 23 years of my life, deciding what stays and what goes.

At the moment, it’s looking increasingly as if I’ll be moving back home for good (or at least a long while) after I leave Cheltenham in July, so if I don’t start sorting things now, I’m genuinely going to have about a 1 metre by 1 metre square of living space, and I may be short, but I do need a smudge of room to be able to stretch out.


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