It’s All Greek To Me.

28 Jun

I’m going home for a few days tomorrow, but our good friend and housemate Fred Hart is leaving Cheltenham for good.

Not hooray.

But to make the most of his last evening with us, Fred made the most wonderful dinner.


There were beans and homemade bread and souvlaki and lemony rice (that we just about rescued from the brink of burning through a pan) and the most amazing honey cake that was unlike anything else I’ve ever eaten and strawberries straight from the allotment.

What I’m saying is that we’re all stuffed, very happy, and probably want to move to Greece at the next possible opportunity.

It was certainly something to take my mind off the fact that my face is currently gracing the pages of the University’s website, and I look like an absolute goon.


Still, I suppose it’s nothing new there…


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