Festival Fever.

27 Jun

I am not at the Glastonbury festival.

This is not going to come as a surprise to any of you.

In two weeks time however, I will be in the middle of a field in Gloucestershire, off my tits on excitement and lack of sleep at 2000 Trees festival.


Me, Zoe Fell, sleeping in a tent, surrounded by some of my closest friends and thousands of other strangers, unable to shower or use a toilet without thinking of those who were in there before me.

I’ve no idea what to expect, having never really “done” a festival before (and no, Edinburgh doesn’t count because I’ve always had an actual house to go back to at the end of the night), but I know it’s going to be a heck of a lot of fun. Obviously, as with everything I do fun wise, it’s not all about just having a giggle, it’s about working too, as we’re running Trees FM again, and right now I have no idea what I’ll be doing.

As long as I get to see a handful of the bands that I want to watch, I’ll be a very happy young lady, and it’ll round off everything University wise off perfectly.

(I imagine I will cry a lot into a warm can of booze and then get mild sunburn, but my God, it will be worth every second of pain.)


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