26 Jun

There’s lots of things I’d like to write about at the moment, but I’m having real trouble finding the words.

As someone who’s written a blog daily since the start of 2012, that’s kind of worrying.

Of course, I’ve got blogs written out for certain things, but the time to post them isn’t quite yet. (Take the one about all of my Uni lot for example, it’s still being worked on, and I refuse to put it up until after 2000 Trees festival, because I’m not crying on any more people than I need to, nor am I having them cry on me. And if we’re no longer in the same town, it makes the chance of it happening even slimmer.)

What I’m saying is that I’d quite like you lot to suggest some things you’d like me to write about, because my brain seems unable to come up with anything of its own accord. So come on, do your worst. WITHIN REASON.


One Response to “Lost.”

  1. Dan Stayt June 27, 2014 at 1:08 pm #

    Write something about badgers and chalk.

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