Everybody’s Changing.

25 Jun

Amazingly, I avoided telling the new prospective students any horror stories, and don’t think that I scared them away too much.

Saying that, they won’t be due to start until NEXT September (even the thought of a date being that far in the future gives me palpitations), so if I terrify them it’s really not too much of a bother.

It was nice seeing the University all done up for an open day, but the proposed poster with my ridiculous face on it that was snapped in November has yet to surface, so that’s probably a good thing, all things considered. We were talking about that particular photo today actually, as I’ve changed a hell of a lot in the last 7 months, let alone since I started the course in 2011. I’m barely recognisable from the shy, yet strange girl I was when I first came to Cheltenham. I’m now leaving it older, wiser and ginger. Which is everything that I would have hoped to be.


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