I Do Like Mondays

23 Jun

Today’s been a weird one. A weirder one than usual, and that’s saying something.

It started off by having to essentially terrorise the poor woman who works in Texaco with inane questions about whether certain products contained beef (namely beef and tomato pot noodles and coconut macaroons) and then storming out once the automatic doors opened, all because two cheeky chaps on the radio told me to do so.

We agreed that it was fine though, because I’m leaving Cheltenham soon and won’t have to face her or the boss any more.

And then it finished with a wander round the Park Campus pond, looking at the ducklings and goslings.

Well. It technically finished with a torrential downpour that couldn’t have been longer than two minutes but soaked us right through. So that was nice.

But because I actually got some fresh air today, I’ve been napping for the past hour, which is really helpful just before I’m actually going to bed properly. Assume that I’ll be awake until 3am yet again, and you’ll be somewhere close to the truth.


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