Big Steps.

16 Jun

So on the night before arguably the most important day of my (short) life so far, I’ve regressed to the ages of 14 and 12.

I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree, which I distinctly remember buying on CD during a holiday to Scarborough in 2005, and listened to pretty much on repeat thanks to our portable DVD player.


And I’ve also put a book into my bag for tomorrow which I first read at the age of 12 – The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. Now, I know that I read it, because my parents have said on several occasions that I’ve done so…but don’t actually remember anything about it.

I’ve been told that it’s a really good book to read if you’re going through a period of big change, and need a little bit of a boost in terms of realising your dreams, and what bigger change am I going to have than finishing university and looking for my first graduate job?

I need all the advice and shoulder squeezing I can get at the moment, and if I can get it from books, then all the better, as I can just sling that into my bag, and you can’t really do that with people.


So...what do you think?

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