Get Away With Murdrer.

14 Jun

So whilst most of the rest of the country is being patriotic, staying up to watch England’s World Cup match, (11pm? Sod that Brazilian time difference) I’m taking it as an opportunity to get my sleeping pattern back into something kind of regular.

I do not recommend going to sleep at 9am, just so you can finish Season 2 of Orange Is The New Black in one big marathon session, but having little to no self control means that’s exactly what happened to me.

[The title is no reference to OITNB, by the way, more so the fact that I’ll post it and it will immediately be buried under a tonne of celebratory football tweets. So that’s lucky.]

I especially need to get some sort of order together if I’ve any hope at all of landing myself a proper job, with grown up working hours, because nobody is going to hire someone that’s up all night and lethargic all day, are they? No they are not.


So...what do you think?

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