Fork In The Sky.

13 Jun

It’s funny the sort of things you focus on when there’s nobody else around.

Take for instance, our fridge. It constantly sounds angry, furiously buzzing its way through the day.

And then there’s the creak as our boiler warms up whenever a hot tap gets switched on in the house.

And now, at 10:30pm, when it’s still kind of light outside, I’m sat cross legged in front of an open window, listening to the gentle rumble of thunder and looking at the lightning forking across the sky. It’s almost beautiful. And the bonus is that a) I’m in my pyjamas and b) I’m unlikely to be struck by anything. Oh boy, will I regret saying that one if something happens.

I think what I’m getting at is that sometimes we need to put down all of the technology that makes us miss the little things in life. It’s certainly making that bit in Bohemian Rhapsody less scary.

[Sent from my iPhone, as Orange Is The New Black, Season 2 is paused on my laptop across the room.]


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