Binge Living.

12 Jun

Welcome to post 900 on the blog.

Don’t expect anything ground breaking, life changing or funny, just like you shouldn’t have expected from the previous 899. Except for the guest posts – those ones were always good.

What I’m covering for is the fact that I have spent my day doing my washing and watching the first half of the first series of Orange Is The New Black. Everyone who recommended it to me was right, I do love it, and it is excellent. I imagine I’ll be up until the very early hours finishing the series, an will then have some fitful dreams where I’m in a correctional facility for doing something terrible.

This is exactly what I do when everyone else in the house is out. Dan’s away till Saturday and Fred’s gone to Wales until next week, so I’m making the most of it by walking around sighing quite a lot. At least tomorrow I’m going to a picnic and being social for the afternoon.


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