Classification Clown

10 Jun

I promise that I had every intention of leaving the house today, honest.

It’s just…we all got a bit carried away with trying to work out what classification of degree we’re all going to be getting come November, and then it started raining, and then it was dinner time, and then Celebrity Masterchef was on, so you can’t really blame me for not making it out of the house, really.

If our maths is right, then I’ve bagged myself a 2:1, and I really couldn’t be happier. (Firsts are overrated anyway, and I was always expected to get a 2:1, so I’ve not let anybody down, least of all myself.) What’s even better is that the mark I got on my Broadcast Law exam was enough to scrape me a pass for the module, when I failed the first assignment so woefully. I told Gary I wasn’t an idiot, and I hope the exam was just enough to prove that.

As something of a celebration, Dan, Fred and I are spending a whole day over the next week baking, right from breakfast through to dinner and I am SO EXCITED. We may end up clearing every shop in Cheltenham out of bread flour, but it’s going to be worth it for homemade bread, muffins and croissants.

It’s also going to be something to do, which is all any of us are asking for at the moment.


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