A Woman, A Cry.

2 Jun

I tried my hardest not to, but like an absolute fool, ended up crying my way through the last bit of Wychwood.

Turns out that my emotional tipping point was Matt and Phil saying nice things about me being the producer for their show over the weekend.

They got about a third of the way through what they wanted to say before I essentially ran away and bawled my eyes out. Nobody really knew what to to, as I’d already been in floods of tears during the breakfast show partly due to laughing, and mostly due to over tiredness.

Once I’d sorted myself emotionally, and we got home from the headphone disco, we found the letters that Housemate Fred wrote us. Cue each of us getting upset, and me having to face plant my pillow so I wouldn’t wake up next door with my sobbing. It was 3am, and I didn’t think it particularly fair.

I’m getting to the point where I’m spending every day doing an excellent impression of David Tennant as The Doctor.


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