Broadcastable Fun.

27 May

If I thought that the last week of my actual University degree was busy, I hadn’t banked on just how much work I’d be doing over the next few days in preparation for our weekend of broadcasting from Wychwood.

26 hours of radio that are either being produced or hosted by me are going out on air.


Insane only in terms of the faith that people are putting on me this year, particularly after just doing the breakfast show last year nearly killed me. I was unprepared then. This time round however, I am a little more prepared, and just need to really be round in more of an organisational than presentational role.

I’m working on two of my favourite festival shows this year, or at least working with two of my favourite pairs of presenters, those being Jamie and Jack off’ve Late Monday Night With Jamie Wade, who are hosting our breakfast show, and Matt and Phil off’ve Hip Hop Sunday who are closing each night, and the whole weekend on the Sunday evening.

No pressure, but this needs to be bloody good, as Wychwood and 2000 Trees are the last two things we’re all working on together, and I want to make them memorable for all the right reasons, not for getting into a row with OFCOM, as I fear that would hamper my job prospects a fair bit.


One Response to “Broadcastable Fun.”

  1. jonkable May 28, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    you said “Jack Off” **sniggers 😛

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