And After The Awards It’s The Afterparty

24 May

So. Last night happened then.

I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful final evening with my best friends from the last three years.

(There’s going to be a blog later this week where I thank everyone properly, and do my very best to make them cry, just like I did last night on multiple occasions.)

The chance to see everyone dressed up was fantastic, especially as most of us are scruff bags the majority of the time. I was just pleased that my ridiculously high beehive stayed put until I got home. The less said about the number of hairpins I apparently shed at the girls’ flat the better though.

Even though I knew I was nominated for two of the awards last night, I knew I wasn’t going to get either of them, as the rest of the radio lot are INSANELY TALENTED, so I set about making the most of the free cava that was provided. This backfired somewhat when I ended up getting given the Lecturer’s Award. Even 24 hours later, I don’t quite understand how that happened, and made that very clear when I nearly screamed “SHUT THE FUCK UP” in front of the whole room, including the Head of the Media School. Such a classy broad. I’d spoken to a couple of people in the class about who I thought was going to get that particular award, and was convinced it was either going to be Jamie or Matt, to the point where I was almost tempted to put money on it. Luckily I didn’t, and used my “speech” as my first opportunity to get a bit teary eyed and make the other girls in the room similarly emotional.

I have never been so thankful for the existence of waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

We then proceeded to spend the rest of the evening getting steadily more drunk (hello Mum), taking hundreds (approximately) of selfies and packing various people home with bits of leftover buffet. I will never forget the image of a champagne flute full of mango chutney.

I also did some very bad dancing, which I don’t think was caught on film, which I’m really glad about.

The worst bit was having to brush my hair out this morning, which was 40 minutes of pure hell. The things I do to look acceptable in Facebook photos, honestly.


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