End of the Road.

22 May

Well today was…weird.

We had our law exam this afternoon, and it seemed totally fine. I say that in as much as I didn’t cry my eyes out as soon as I glanced at the question paper.

And then we were planning on doing the final Prick Up Your Ears show of the year, but had to put aside those plans as Johnny is having an actual real life baby, and I didn’t want him to run the risk of missing the birth. Radio shows come and go, but the births of your children don’t.

[EDIT: I totally forgot about us going as a house to vote. It was fun, if you class putting a cross in two boxes, and exercising your democratic right to vote fun. Which I do.]

It gave me a chance to just chill out this evening, and just kind of spend a bit of time not thinking about anything at all, bar what I’m doing with my hair tomorrow evening for the RAP awards.

I’m horribly aware that tomorrow is the last time I’m likely to see everyone before our graduation in November, so we’re certainly going to make the most of it.

It’s odd that Uni is now properly, officially over. Three years have gone by so quickly, and now we’re being pushed kicking and screaming (and in my case, crying) into the real world. We’re going  to be bloody marvellous.


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