Who Wants To Be A Hired Intern? (Me.)

21 May

Leicester’s nice, isn’t it?

Yes. Yes it is.

And luckily for me, I got to spend a few hours ensconced in its walls, whilst I had my interview for the DLCF Edinburgh Internship.

I think it went well. I didn’t cry, I didn’t panic, but I did tell them that they we’re mean by making me choose my favourite comedians. It was so difficult! I couldn’t help but feel guilty for all the people I didn’t mention, and spent most of my train journey back remembering stand ups, double acts and sketch groups that I definitely should have said. Traumatic.

But I’ll find out by Monday either way, so it’s not too much time to agonise over every little thing.

As for now though, it’s an early night to be up with the sun tomorrow to do a little bit of last minute revision for our broadcast law exam. I’m feeling okay about it, I just need to not freak out when I go into the room tomorrow, it’s as simple as that.

And once it’s done, I get to do Prick Up Your Ears for the final time. I hope you’re all saddened but excited, because I know I am.


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