Summer Season.

17 May

You know it’s summer when you’ve got your bedroom window open past 8pm because it’s still warm and the smell of a barbecue wafts gently through the room.

That, and being on BST.


Tomorrow I’m considering doing my revision and essay writing outside in the garden, as we’ve realise that we just don’t use it enough.

If you don’t use it, you lose it, and come July, I won’t have the opportunity to use the garden at [insert house number and road name here, something that I very nearly did before coming to my actual senses and remembering that I was posting this on the internet] again, because that’s when our tenancy runs out. THAT IS HOW RENTING WORKS, BOZOS.

Go and enjoy what little is left of your Saturday, and maybe treat yourself to a hot dog or two.


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