A Blogger Apologises…

2 May


Hello there! I’m Bex.

So here we are- Zoe has given me the virtual keys to her blog, told me the emergency contact numbers, left the fridge full of food, and given me control of her website. (She’s a trusting soul, that Fell). I feel a bit like I’m in a playground- someone else’s playground- but I’m too scared to use the equipment in case I break the swings or delete the see-saw. But you can’t break a blog, can you?

Hmm. I suppose we’re about to find out.

Y’see, the reason I’m so nervous, why my fingers keep tapping the delete key, is because Zoe is my blogging-inspiration (blogspiration?). I mean, she writes one of these EVERY BLINKING DAY, and that’s no mean feat, of that I’m sure. I suppose, having read that sentence, you’re wondering why I’m so sure? Well, it’s because I too keep my own daily blog. The thing is, recently it’s become less and less daily. At first it became bi-daily (is that a word?), then weekly, and now, I suppose, monthly. You can check it out- it’s called Daily Celebration– and the eagle-eyed among you may note that it hasn’t been updated since, erm, March. So much for a daily blog, eh?

But y’know, it’s hard work, this blogging lark, and my blog requires more effort than I realised when I got myself into it. The idea was this- last year, I had the worst year of my life. So I decided, somewhat foolishly, to create a way of celebrating this year and making sure I got the most out of it. I wanted to make my own luck, fun, and memories, and not rely on fate, who had been so cruel to me in 2013. The plan I formulated was to do a little research and celebrate every ridiculous holiday I could find- stuff like National Pie Day, Galentine’s Day, Hippo Day. And it’s going really well! Seriously, I’m loving it- I’m trying new things, eating my favourite foods, expanding my horizons- I even adopted a hippo called Douglas, forchristssake. Only thing is, I keep forgetting to actually write up what I’ve been doing, which means my blog is slowly gathering dust and electronic cobwebs.

But Zoe! Oh Zoe, she blogs every day AND has the immense foresight to get guest writers in. Now that’s the mark of a true blogger, eh? Even thinking about her dedication makes me inspired to write up my adventures; that’s how blogspirational (yeah that’s right, I’m using it) she is.

While I’m here, I thought I’d include two pictures from the most popular days of my blog- National Waffle Day (a tastier day was never had) and Take A Walk In A Park Day (yes, I didn’t know it existed either). Hopefully you can tell by the pics that I really truly honestly do celebrate every day, I’m just a little slower in writing about it.


The pals I made during Take A Walk In A Park Day.


So Zoe? I doff my cap to you. Writing a blog every day is quite the challenge, and I suspect something I am yet to master. In fact, if I manage to make it even one week of daily-updated posts, I shall pat myself on the back and congratulate myself on having at least a modicum of your blogging skills. (Or, as I assume they’re called, ‘Blolls’).


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