Hearing, Not Listening.

23 Apr

So I’ve spent the past several hours with a pair of headphones shoved into my ears. Not unusual in itself, but I’ve not been listening to music. I’ve been listening to the world around me.

It’s taken so long for me to finally understand the real difference between “sound” and “noise”, and now I’ve got it, it’s kind of awesome. It also proves that I have actually learnt something on this degree. Woo.

With a pair of headphones plugged into the side of my Zoom, every tiny thing is amplified. It’s kind of made me realise how much I miss out on when I’m deliberately blocking the world out by turning my music up as loudly as it’ll go.

When a violinist turned up earlier and started busking, it was amazing because I realised that I had never listened to someone on the street playing for so long.

I think from now on, I’m going to start listening a little bit more, because there really is so much out there.


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