The Giving Kind.

21 Apr

There’s a song to go along with tonight’s post.

Kindly press play and continue reading:

This evening I got a bit bored (I know, nothing new there), so whilst I was watching Wall-E for the nth time, I decided to do one of those tests that tells you what sort of personality type you are. You know, the ones that say managers use them to scope out potential employees before they hire them.

Turns out that I’m an ENFJ. I know, sounds exciting, right? It stands for Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging, which boils down to me being a “people organizer, warm, harmonious and an enthusiastic champion of people who just wants to ‘do good.” And knowing myself as well as I do, what with being inseparable for over 23 years now, I’d say that that’s fairly accurate, and has certainly given me more food for thought than any Buzzfeed quiz I’ve done, including their “What Haircut Should You Actually Have?” quiz. (Yes, I have genuinely done that quiz, the outcome was “blunt bangs” and it’s mere coincidence that that’s what I’m going to be getting cut in next week. BUZZFEED DON’T RULE MY LIFE DECISIONS, ALRIGHT?!?!?!?)

If you want to take the test yourself, you can go HERE.

Speaking (loosely) of employers…another job application is now out in the wilderness, and if I get it, then I’m going to be working up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the whole month. PLEASE cross everything on my behalf? It’ll be ruddy magical if this comes through for me, to be honest, so a little bit of wishing wouldn’t go amiss.


















































Ahahaha. I’m funny. Well done on you for scrolling down to take the real personality test though. It’s just through THIS link.


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