Good Things. Small Packages.

15 Apr

I do not wish to brag, dear reader, but today was pretty bloody good.

1. I met Warwick Davis this afternoon as he was at Radio Plymouth for an interview. Now, I’m not the type to usually get star struck, but I couldn’t stop smiling like an absolute idiot. I didn’t say anything other than a cheery hello and goodbye to him, but all the while my brain was going “OH MY GOD IT’S WARWICK DAVIS OFF’VE THE TELLY AND STAR WARS HOLY SHIT.” But being the professional that I am, I was as cool as a cucumber and nobody would have noticed how excitable I was.

2. After yesterday’s “announcement” about me sacking off the Fringe this year, it appears that there might still be a chance for me to make it after all. It’s just a case of writing an absolutely blinding cover letter and smashing an interview. Should be fine. Probably.

And tomorrow? Well tomorrow is a day off from my placement, and a day that I get to spend doing some mysterious exciting stuff with my parents. I only describe it as such because I know we’re leaving the house early and I’ve been told to dress nicely. Days like tomorrow are very much at the top of my list when it comes to things I want to be doing with my time.


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