Five Year Plan.

14 Apr

This work placement I’ve been on for the last week is all in aid of “personal growth” and fulfilling one of my last modules.

As part of this module, I also have to do a personal career development plan. It’s horrid to do, particularly when I realised that at the end of the five years I’ll be 28.



That’s a grown up age, when people are married and have started their own families and are in high flying jobs that make them happy, or at least pay the bills.

I don’t like the fact that I’m not far off that age physically, but feel so far off it mentally.

It’s something that I might have to face up to soon enough though, as I’ve made it past the BBC’s VRT for the Talent Pool and onto the longlist. It’s just a case of hanging on to see if they bin me off before the shortlist, and the face to face interview bits. I’m surprised and pleased to have got this far, to be honest.

[Oh, now’s as good an opportunity to mention that I won’t be making it to Edinburgh for the Fringe this year. It’s utterly heartbreaking, but a lack of funds, and a need to focus on my career once I finish University means that the Fringe is just not viable this year. Woe.]


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