Winding Back Wednesday.

9 Apr

Another day on placement, another early night.

I have a horrible feeling that once I get a real life job I will become a social pariah, too shattered to do anything other than come home, have dinner and fall asleep.

When I did get home however, I had a postcard from my Uni that mentioned my graduation in November. I promptly freaked out, and had to run upstairs for a little cry.

I don’t think I expected to cope quite so badly with the end of this particular era, but it’s just a bit overwhelming. I’m obviously excited to be moving on to the next bit of my life, but it’s all getting too real for my liking. If I could go back to when I was about 7, where my biggest worries were if I’d be stuck with a pair of left handed scissors during an art lesson, then that would be great. Please sort that, thank you, bye.


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