Tuesday Tribulations

8 Apr

Well, it’s been an eventful second day on my work placement.

I’ve learnt a whole new broadcast system (Myriad), a new desk and a news delivery system that almost broke my brain.

Add to this the fact I’ve been pressing the buttons for the news bulletins, playlisting the overnights, sorting out the new commercials and collecting vox pops which led to my first reporter credit on a proper station, it’s all been quite exciting.

Then during my lunch I got an email from the marketing and communications team at the Uni, asking if they could use my photo as part of a poster campaign this coming year. And these aren’t small posters. They’re A1 size. And will be displayed around Park Campus. Oh my God. Mum’s thrilled, I’m a tiny bit mortified (partly because I was much fatter in November, and I worry that the inevitable photo of me with my own poster will look like one of those before and after pictures used by weight loss companies to promote themselves).

It’s only Tuesday, I have literally no idea where this week is going.


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