I Predicted A Diet.

5 Apr

When I spoke to my parents on the phone about a month ago (before I went to see my Doctor), I joked about them not being able to recognise me because I’ve lost a fair bit of weight since they last saw me at Christmas.

Turns out they still recognise me by my stupid face (and this ridiculous voice, and the fact that I’m their daughter and stuff), but Mum was still prompted to make two comments on my appearance.

1. “That dress is a bit big on you now.”
“Well, yeah, I know.”
“I mean, it looks much better now, but it’s too big.”


2. “You’ve lost your boobs”
*looks down*
“They tend to be the first thing that goes when I lose weight, but thank you.”

So that’s always a good way to start a holiday.

Anyway, I’m back home now for at least two weeks whilst I do my work placement at Radio Plymouth, do all my recording for Experimental Audio (24 hours on The Barbican), and grab some audio for my IPP. I imagine I’m also going to hear something back from the BBC re: Talent Pool stuff, as my application is now officially “In Review”. And considering the website says “Candidates will be notified of their VRT results in early April. Some applicants will receive a rejection email while the rest will be put through to the longlisting stage.” (their bolding, not mine), it suggests that I’m going to hear one way or another whilst I’m back at home.

So it’s an exciting Easter at the very least. I long for the days when this particular holiday was all about how many shards of chocolate egg I could fit into my mouth at once, or how many cheap eggs I could get from Hotel Chocolat, and whether they’d actually fit into a single bag.


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