Sleepy Hollow (Brain.)

3 Apr

A change of scenery for this evening’s post, as I am writing this from my actual real bed, after a couple of hours sleep.

We finished the 65 hour radiothon at midday with little to no incident (bar a few tears from the presenters), and went straight away into a lecture, which went a bit weird, in all honesty.

Discussions about real work were moved aside in favour of chats about listening to people masturbating through open windows, penis weights and odd dreams. I fear that the sleep deprivation finally got to us.

But now we’re home and all catching up on sleep, in preparation for another long day and another early start to sort things out for Live Broadcast. Because once that’s done, I’m officially on my Easter break, get to see my parents for the first time since Christmas, and get to go home and regain my weird RP/Plymothian accent, which will be a giggle for everyone bar myself.


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