Office Space.

1 Apr

You join me still in the SU, in the same room, but with different clothes, and more bags under my eyes.

As I type this, we’re into our 28th hour of broadcast, and I’ve had about 2 hours of sleep in the corner, whilst people were in and out of the room, and I attempted to not think about a) the work I’ve still got left to do before the end of tomorrow and b) the fact that people would be able to watch me sleeping via the webcam we had set up.

It’s been a fairly trouble free day, and I even had some lovely visitors coming to check up on me and bring me some treats in the form  of some chocolate digestives and a brand new room spray (vanilla and magnolia)in order to cover up the almighty smell of living boys in the studios. Even though I’ve been in this office, I’ve had the windows open for most of the day, and because I am a girl, don’t smell, I’ve not had to use as much room spray as we did in journalism.

What’s even better is that we had the most amazing chocolate cake delivered late this afternoon, and the scent of warm baking has totally permeated the room, but it’s soon to be cancelled out by the takeaways that everyone else has been ordering and scoffing up in the office. I’ve been fairly good, bar the half packet of biscuits and packets of crisps that were just handily within my (very short) reach.

I’m feeling fairly positive that we’re going to get to the end of the 65 hours without killing anyone. Hopefully.


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