A Way With Words

30 Mar

If today’s Verbal Reasoning test has gone the way I think it has, that’s the end of my BBC Talent Pool dreams for this year.

It was tough, and I say that as someone who’s got their head screwed on fairly tight. I didn’t even have time to finish reading the whole extract for the last three questions, and ended up panicking when it flashed “You have less than 30 seconds remaining to answer this question” up at me when I was about two thirds of the way through.

I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see though. The world has a funny way of surprising us with things when we least expect them to, so I can worry once Thursday at 5pm comes around, and the tests get marked. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m obviously worrying about that now.

It doesn’t help that the next few days are all a bit weird and stressful, as I’ve got an assignment due in on Wednesday, and Tone’s 65 Hour Marathon starts tomorrow at 7pm. As one of the Exec Producers, I’m going to be living on campus in a room upstairs from the SU.

I’m being serious. I’m literally moving for four days. My duvet and pillows, my laptop, a suitcase, it’s all coming with me because I’m not coming home. Luckily I’ve got access to one of the first years’ showers in their accommodation because I point blank refused to use the one inside the university because “who knows what has happened in there over the years?”. So I’m lucky in the sense that I’m allowed to sleep and stuff, but I guarantee that I’m going to be suffering from serious cabin fever come the end of the marathon on Thursday afternoon.

If anyone wants to come and visit me whilst I’m up in the production office/home away from home then just let me know.

As for the rest of you, I’ll give you all the details tomorrow of how you can listen to the marathon and get involved. We might even do a bonus bit on UStream and set up a camera in the office, just to see what kind of boring things go on behind the scenes of an operation like this. (And to answer *that* question, no it won’t be on whilst I’m asleep, you creepy, creepy person.)


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