Doctor Drama.

11 Mar

Well today went unusual quickly.

After all of my recent illnesses, and the realisation that I somehow managed to lose 20lbs in two months by doing absolutely no exercise, I finally accepted that it was probably time to go and see the Doctor.

I’ve now been referred for a blood test on Monday (let’s not forget that I hate needles, and have attempted to give blood twice unsuccessfully), and am on a restricted diet with NO SNACKING until I see her again in a fortnight. Farewell crisps, chocolates and nuts. Hello three square meals a day.

She didn’t even bat an eyelid when I burst into tears unprompted in her room, and spent the next two minutes apologising for being so ridiculous.

The weirdest bit of the appointment came when she had to do a check of my abdomen. Anyone who knows me knows my fondness for wearing dresses and tights/ leggings, so I’m lying back on the bed with my dress flipped up to my neck, whilst she has a bit of a poke and a prod when she says “so…have you got any nice holidays planned at all?”. This totally threw me, and it was like I was at the hairdressers. Saying that though, I’ve never been getting my hair cut and been embarrassed about not wearing matching underwear.


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