Forward Planning

6 Mar

I will never, ever learn.

It’s 11pm and I’m stood cramming every striped article of clothing I own into my washing machine, along with all my tights.

I’ve known that Glos-Tone-Beret was tomorrow since the tail end of last year, yet I leave it until the night before to do the washing of my “uniform”. Well done.

It’s going to be a bit of a rush tomorrow, considering all of the third years have to do their live broadcast shows, and then race down to the Frog and Fiddle to host GTB. Add to that the fact that we’ve got a photographer taking pictures in the hour leading up to our shows and you’ve got a potential recipe for disaster. However. If we didn’t have such an “on it” team, I’d be worried. As it stands, everyone’s switched on and knows what the deal is, particularly as this is our third and final year of working on GTB. I even get to reprise my role of Box Office Lady/Wristband Exchanger/General Woman Who Gets To Check Out Every Chap Who Walks Through The Door. It’s hard being me sometimes…


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