Bound To The House.

5 Mar

One of the most awkward things to have a moan about in this first world we live in is having to wait around in the house all day so that you don’t miss a parcel being delivered.

I was up bright and early at 9am, like an eager dog and was sat around until 4 this afternoon.

I obviously didn’t waste my waking hours – I spent a chunk of the morning playing through Season 2, Chapter 2 of The Walking Dead which got released yesterday. OH THE FEELS. And now I have to wait until April/May to play the next bit. Gah.

Two positives to take from today though:

1. The nice Jehovah’s Witnesses visited again today. It’ll be a bit sad when I move on to wherever I go after Uni, because they always check in on me when they’re passing through. Sweet, really.

2. I got some very, very nice news about what I’m going to be doing at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival this year. I’m pretty stoked, but don’t think I can talk about it until everything’s been confirmed. Needless to say it’s going to be a fantastic weekend. If you’re able to come, you should. Trust me.


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