The Broadcasting (de)Code.

22 Feb

So I got a bit emotional yesterday, but I really had had a lovely day.

Might be worth telling you about what I got up to though.

My lecturer took us to London for the day to have a little look round New Broadcasting House.



Everything was shiny and glossy like the actual real life TV, and there’s something awesome about visiting the BBC, when they provide so much of the media output that I consume.

It’s important to stress just how important you feel wearing a lanyard.


I got to do the traditional embarrassing thing of taking photos of all the Doctor Who things I could:



But I got to do something extra special, thanks to my friend Dan, who graduated earlier this year. The BBC Comedy department runs out of Grafton House, and that’s where Dan works.

I got to be shown round by Dan, which was incredibly exciting, partly because it gave me a chance to see Zoe Waterman as well, who I’ve not seen in months. The brief tour cemented my desire to work in that particular department, so at least that dream is still firmly in the frame.

Last of all, we got to go to Western House.

This is where the 6 Music and Radio 2 studios are, and after going up about 7 flights of stairs (I was a bit late after leaving Grafton House, so had to get security to call through and let me in, mortifying.) and almost passing out across Lauren Laverne’s sofa, I had a lovely in depth snoop around.

And then it was a coach journey back, filled with in depth dating questions, TETRIS (which I am terrible at), and attempts to wee in a coach toilet, which is actually really difficult.

Still, we saw this massive advert for Bastille’s album on the way out of London, which made me squeal and draw far too much attention to myself, as per usual.


And check out LEGO C3P0, who I spotted during my brief jaunt in John Lewis.

Pretty cool, huh?

Safe to say that yesterday was the best fun, and fun that we hope to recreate on Monday night when we all go out. I’m almost positive that it’ll be the first time I’ve been out since sometime last year, so it’ll be interesting, to say the least.

Today was marginally less exciting, recording voice overs for a couple of projects, but absolutely better than doing nothing at all.


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