Out of Place.

18 Feb

Here is a comprehensive list of all the places I have been today where I have felt out of place.

1. The University of Gloucestershire’s Oxtalls Campus.
This is the place where they do all the sports degrees, so everybody there is hot and athletic. I am neither of these things (because I spend my days sat behind a computer, or a radio desk, or a microphone, as opposed to running round a track or on an exercise bike), so stuck out like a sore thumb. We were there to size the bar up for our outside broadcast next month, so look forward to more inevitable awkwardness when that rolls around.

2. Toys ‘R’ Us.
We had to travel to Gloucester to visit the popular children’s toy shop to see if they had any [redacted for secret keeping]. They did not, as it’s the wrong season, so we spent our time reminiscing about our own childhood toys, and bemoaning how awesome toys are now. I forced Alex to go onto a Thomas the Tank Engine ride on the way out. Hugely funny.

3. ScrewFix.
The most masculine of all masculine shops. I skipped in wearing a dress, tights and cardigan and immediately felt awkward. But we got exactly what we needed, and I cannot wait to do the thing we’re planning to do. Any opportunity I get to make a bit of a bellend of myself is one that should be grabbed with both hands. Keep an eye out over the next week, it’s going to be VERY worth it.


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