Satisfactory Olfactory

10 Feb


I’m almost sad that you and I are separated by the internet, because I smell AMAZING.

Seriously. There’s nothing nicer than trying out new perfumes only to feel an overwhelming urge to press your cardigan over your face every few minutes.

Photo on 10-02-2014 at 23.00

For the stupidly low price of about £8.50, I ordered the discovery kit from Juliette has a gun and got a parcel of nine perfume samples in individual envelopes. They were small and adorable and I loved everything about them, and that was even before I’d smelt anything. I’m trying to do a couple of day with each fragrance, and the one I’m currently loving is Lady Vengeance. IT SMELLS SO GOOD. And the most surprising thing of all is that it’s packed with patchouli, which is something that I usually can’t stand. This however, seems to have won me over. So well done, Romano Ricci.

And whilst I’m here: Dapper Laughs. STOP IT.


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