Self Conversation Society.

28 Jan

When I’m in the house on my own, I talk to myself.

A lot.

And it’s not the usual muttering under one’s breath.
It is full blown conversations.

At the age of 22, I will mock up fictional conversations with people, simply because I have no real life human beings to talk to.

I will ask questions out loud. In my head, I give their reply. I respond to their response. And it can go on like that for hours.

Part of me wonders if it’s an extension of having an imaginary friend as a child. Part of me wonders if I need to get more real life friends.

Another way to look at it is like it’s a way to work on social interaction, without ever having to deal with a real life rejection – you’re giving the answers you want, and nobody can change that.

What with so much of my business and life being played out online (online banking, online dating, online shopping, Twitter, Facebook), I’ve realised that I barely talk to anyone any more. If I’m not in for lectures, then I can easily go for three or four days without physically talking to people. And that’s really sad.

I have absolutely no idea if this is normal, or if it’s all the evidence that is needed to put me in a straight jacket and dump me in a room with lovely padded walls. I don’t tend to get that many responses to the things I post (because I don’t actively encourage it, I suppose. The things I do write are generally aimed at me and my own interests, so if anyone else does mention or like them I get all shy and embarrassed) but please can someone, preferably with a fair bit if knowledge about the human brain and psychology and stuff reassure me that this is all totally normal behaviour?


One Response to “Self Conversation Society.”

  1. jonkable January 29, 2014 at 12:28 am #

    Obviously I don’t have any psychology thing because I do radio. I actually used to do this myself all the time and stopped 2 years ago a bit like smoking but with words, and another thing when the world was going rubbish was that I’d make up a story or an adventure in my head, i suppose a little like Kev’s shed – but I think people do lots of stuff like that and it doesn’t mean anything. Saying that I still think we should get someone to analyse our radio show and its contexts :P. I am also cool if you want a real conversation with someone real and not necessarily coursey stuff if that’s of any good 😛

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