No Prizes for Procrastination.

5 Jan

As of tomorrow, I have absolutely no excuse to not do my Uni work.

Except…the internet is very distracting. And my concentration levels are awful, unless I’m watching a film, or Sherlock (YES THANK YOU I LOVED THE EPISODE AND THAT IS THE END OF THE DISCUSSION.). I just need to make essay writing fun, right?

It should be easy, considering that the actual essay is on radio comedy and social media, two things that I bloody love and am seriously clued up on. But sadly it doesn’t work that way. Because it’s an essay, I’ll look at Wikipedia for about 20 minutes, and inevitably click on something in the article that leads me down a winding path to learn about Russian Oligarchs and their favourite types of baked goods*.

And then I’ll get the urge to go some tidying, which will lead me to find a long forgotten school book, crammed with work, which makes me reminisce about the old days when I used to be good at doing homework.

And because I can’t work in silence (I can’t even sleep without some music or a podcast on; the quiet drives me mad), I’ll spend about half an hour choosing a suitable album, realise I don’t actually like it, and switch to this year’s old faithful playlist of Bastille which I used to get me through my Broadcast Law essay. Which will remind that I’ve still not made the list of films that they used quotes from in Other People’s Heartache Parts 1&2, which I’ve been meaning to do for a couple of weeks. So I’ll do that, and end up messaging the housemates on Facebook to tell them that we should do more film nights this year, because the ones we did last year were fun.

And because I’m on Facebook, I might as well have a couple of quick games of Papa Pear Saga. Oh, now I’ve done these three levels, I might as well carry on until I lose all my lives. What’s this? Someone sent me something on Candy Crush? Brilliant – I’ve been stuck on this level since last year!


Life is tough.

*If anyone fancies directing me to that particular article, I’d inevitably be fascinated to read it at some point tomorrow.


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