Dragon Force.

29 Nov

It’s another “look how much more successful friends and colleagues are when they’re compared to me” blog, because I know how much we all enjoy those.

The thing in particular that I am imploring you to turn your ear to is ‘Here Be Dragons’, which is produced by Ben Walker (Yes! Producer Ben off’ve Flatshare Slamdown and Do The Right Thing.) and stars *deep breath* Lloyd Langford, Carriad Lloyd, Nadia Kamil and Ellis James. It is wonderful. And having visited Wales twice, some of the Welsh language jokes are even sticking and making sense. TOTAL SUCCESS.

Listen to episode 5 HERE, because it’s too brilliant to miss out on.

If you’ve got anything to be pleased about, or something to plug, then feel free to use the comments below to tell us all about it, because it’s nice to hear that people are doing well, honestly.

So...what do you think?

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