Bee Fantastic

28 Nov

I’m slowly but surely coaxing my hair into a beehive of glorious proportions.

It’s a case of carefully administering sea salt spray and then attacking the resulting tangle with a fine toothed comb, until it resembles a bird’s nest (save for my fringe, which is carefully wound round a curler).

And then it’s carefully shaped using pins and hairspray.

It’s basically magic. It makes me sad that boys don’t get the pleasure of doing things so brilliant with their hair.

(Once again, a case of not much going on, so a simple blather on about my dull life. Sorry.)



One Response to “Bee Fantastic”

  1. floatygoat November 29, 2013 at 9:50 am #

    I NEVER do this, but once you’ve got a massive beehive styled (I’ve heard) you can leave it for days and just fringe-wash…

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