Wheely Bad.

22 Nov

I’ve spent the most part of this evening freezing my tits off outside in Gloucester, because I am a nice, helpful girl.

One of the other groups was doing a package about drink driving, which tied in nicely with what Gloucestershire Constabulary were doing this evening. They’d brought some “beer goggles” (goggles which are purported to give the effect of being 2.5 x over the limit) and a go kart, which we had to drive around and avoid a myriad of obstacles.

Which I did. And I was TERRIBLE. A man from the Gloucestershire Echo (or possibly the council, nobody knows) then took my photo, because I’d done so badly. There’s a good chance you’ll see me gracing some sort of promotional material to put you off the idea of drink driving.

Don’t do it kids. Else you’ll end up like me – strapped into a go kart attempting to keep up some sort of ladylike decorum whilst wearing leggings and a dress, and attempting to reach the pedals.


One Response to “Wheely Bad.”


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