5 A Day.

20 Nov

So yeah.

The first ever gig I co-ran last night was an overwhelming success.

We might not have had the biggest audience in the world, but they were lovely, enthusiastic, and willing to get involved so I’m a very happy bunny.

I just can’t wait to do the next night now, whenever it may be. The likelihood being that Pittville will become our natural home, simply because they’ve got comfy sofas and fairy lights that go round the room. And who doesn’t want that from comedy club? IDIOTS, THAT IS WHO.

I’d like to take this brief opportunity to also say the following:

“Hello Mum,

I had some vegetables with my dinner this evening. Real actual vegetables that weren’t chips. Hope you’re proud of me?

Love your only daughter, and for that matter only child,



It’s the only way she knows how I’m doing, you see…


One Response to “5 A Day.”

  1. Mum November 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    Always proud of you…. especially when you’ve eaten your vegetables like a good girl. xxx

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