Way To Go, Sunday.

17 Nov

Considering it’s a Sunday, the last 12 or so hours have been filled with a surprising amount of excitement.

I mean, surprising for a Sunday, obviously. Other days have offered up much more.


1) Panic stations were engaged a little bit this afternoon when the volunteer applications were opened for Machfest 2014. Both Facebook and Twitter then exploded with friends mentioning it, and a room was duly reserved just off the high street. There’s always a real panic when there’s a chance you’ll end up miles out from Machynlleth but we’re fine, so guys, please don’t worry. I hope to see you all there on May 2nd though, obviously.

2) We visited the venue that we’re hosting our comedy night on Tuesday in. It’s going to be interesting turning it into something awesome, but I am armed with fairy lights and like a challenge.

3) I got to commandeer the Telly tonight in order to appreciate the musicality* (*read: perve over) of two of my favourite bands doing live shows on MTV. Bastille AND Fall Out Boy? Oh, you are spoiling me, television commissioner. I have done nothing to deserve such nice things before my eyes and ears.


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