Vogue (Strike A Pose.)

14 Nov

There are several things this year that I’ve denoted WEIRD.

One such thing is getting your photo taken properly.

Like…there’s nothing stranger than sitting in a room with a massive camera pointed at your face for the best part of an hour, whilst you do your utmost to keep a smile on your face.

My (face) cheeks were absolutely aching by the end of it, despite me being a pretty smiley person.

I only got to see two photos from the shoot before I left, which were

A) one of me looking annoyed, with my hands raised to the sky after the photographer kept making me laugh, taking photos whilst I had my head grown back. I don’t like smiling with my teeth, but he insisted, hence my faux annoyance.

B) one of me with my head in my hands, after I’d been moaning that he kept taking awful photos. As soon as I saw this one, I basically cried out “YES. THAT ONE. That sums up my third year experience perfectly”. Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to take my advice.

Look out for me on a potential double page spread soon. But not a centrefold. Probably.


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