Let’s Talk of Graves, of Worms, and Epitaphs.

9 Nov


If you do nothing else that I suggest this year, go and watch Richard II at the RSC. It’s amazing.

And best of all, if you can’t beg, borrow it steal a ticket (DO NOT STEAL TICKETS FROM PEOPLE PLEASE), you can catch it in the cinema next week, on the 13th. Despite seeing it today, I’m going to go along again to see what we missed from our seats in the Gods.

I did very nearly shout at a woman on the train home, as she was complaining, saying “The comic interludes…they’re never funny. Maybe in Elizabethan times.
But not now.” OH SHUSH. She had no idea what she was saying, as I found the comic bits wonderfully entertaining, and didn’t feel they detracted from the overall drama of the play.

What it did make painfully obvious was the fact that I’m all out of sorts with theatre and Shakespeare in particular. God I miss it. Someone take me to a show and make me go all gooey eyed over people spouting words from their talented mouths.


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