Twist and Shout.

6 Nov

Because I am a complete tool, I am currently laid up in bed, with my right foot precariously balanced on a stack of pillows, in the hope that

The circumstances that led me here are utterly ridiculous.

1. Having One Direction blaring through the speakers in the radio room.

2. Helping to write an email to Dave Benson Phillips (yes, that’s genuinely my job now.)

3. Having a bit of a dance, and going over on my ankle, to the sound of a lovely sharp crack.

I’ve no idea what I’ve actually done, but what I do know is that my poor ankle is a little bit swollen, and is unable to be turned to the left. And that’s ideal, considering I’ve got a lot of walking to do on Saturday when I head to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Yayyyyyyyy.

Someone bring me some frozen peas, please?

[Also, whilst I’ve been writing this, I’ve been watching the Channel 4 documentary The Cruel Cut, which is looking at the fight to stop FGM. It’s fascinating and terrifying, so please do the right thing and a) Watch the film and b) sign the petition. Thank you.]

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