The Social Butterfly Effect.

3 Nov

As you read this, I am out doing a thing.

I might tell you tomorrow about it, depending on how it goes, but for now, I’m keeping quiet.

(Which for me, is pretty difficult, let’s be honest.)

But obviously the problem with not being able to talk about it, is the fact it renders me unable to talk about much, really.

Might be a nice chance to discuss the fact I was up until 5am watching the 24 hour Roosterteeth live stream for Extra Life. In the space of a few hours, I watched someone eat 12 Lava cakes in the space of 25 minutes and get all his (lovely) hair shaved off, and another guy eat a spoonful of insanely hot chilli sauce, and almost drown in hairy milk. By 2pm this afternoon, they’d raised just over $180,000 for the charity, which is pretty flipping impressive. Overall, Extra Life raised more than $3,000,000, which is INSANE. Nice work, charitable people.

I do hope you’re all having a lovely evening, honestly. Go back to enjoying it now.




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