Lazy Blog. (For You, Reader, Because I’ve Done All The Hard Work. You’re Welcome.)

1 Nov


And with the start of a new month, I bring you a round-up of things you should be watching, reading, listening to ETC.


Yes, real, actual books made of paper (or on a Kindle if you’re that way inclined). I’ve just finished reading John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars and absolutely loved it. It’s a shame I put it off for so long, really. Even though it’s classed as a “young adult” novel, I will continue to force it upon every single once of you. Plus the film’s coming out next year, so you best get up to speed now, to be honest.


I hate being late to any sort of party (Oh, how I make myself laugh. I don’t like parties at all. Stick with me…) when it comes to new music, but I really dropped the ball when it came to Bastille releasing two excellent mixtapes earlier this year. “Other People’s Heartache (Parts 1& 2) are briiiiiiiiiiliant. Their newest single Of The Night is on the first tape, and is just ace. You can listen to both on Soundcloud HERE and HERE, and here’s the video for Of The Night, because it’s awesome. AWESOME.

Also, anyone that does a cover of City High’s What Would You Do gets a thumbs up from me.


Thor: The Dark World. DO IT. I absolutely loved it, and it’s not a totally blokey film either, which is always nice. (I’m not going to do my usual fawning over attractive men, I know, shocking, but Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth? Enjoyable. Very enjoyable indeed.)

Stuff On YouTube and That.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society are great live, but do they work on film? Yes. Thankfully, they do.

Some of the UK’s brightest comedy talent there, working their collective butts off to create something excellent. Hurrah for them.


One Response to “Lazy Blog. (For You, Reader, Because I’ve Done All The Hard Work. You’re Welcome.)”

  1. floatygoat November 4, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

    I LOVE the #acms comedy blaps! Have you seen Jamie Demitriou’s? Probably my favourite thing.

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